MZ Campus Cancer Research Awards

Mount Zion Health Fund (MZHF) seeks to align its research grantmaking as closely as possible with its overall mission, with an emphasis on foundationally supporting a vibrant research community at Mount Zion. Specifically, this funding opportunity is focused on enhancing the community of cancer researchers at Mount Zion via either support of individual investigators or support for interconnected research programs, services, or equipment on the Mount Zion Campus.

    General Guidelines for Cancer Research Funding:

  • Selection process prioritizes and encourages support that will promote successful and sustainable research careers for promising investigators, as well as support for creative, collaborative projects/activities at Mount Zion centered on articulated shared values for programs of distinction at Mount Zion
  • Proposals must describe the project’s value to UCSF Mount Zion Campus, and are ranked by “tiers”: First tier – projects geographically based at Mount Zion and research benefits patients through evidence-based strategies for cancer prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment and/or survivorship; Second tier – projects based at another UCSF campus and applicant identifies how research benefits patients who come to MZ Campus (through evidence-based strategies for cancer prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment and/or survivorship).
  • Proposals should demonstrate substantial project support from UCSF (e.g., donated time; matching funds; plan for post-award sustainability; alignment with UCSF Enterprise goals and priorities, etc.)
    Priority will be given to proposals that:

  • Are multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, or transdisciplinary; address the inclusiveness of the components and articulate program building across domains
  • Support career development of junior, female and URM/UIM faculty
  • Address health equity and elimination of health disparities
    Award Details and Timeline – Deadline is January 15, 2021:

  • The grant range is up to $200,000 (and total amount available to award annually is $200,000); a detailed budget with justification is required
  • This is an annual funding cycle; applicants may submit a one-year or two-year request (with 2nd year funding conditional on meeting 1st year deliverables)
  • Overview of the application form content
  • The review process is competitive – not all requests will be funded
  • Awardees are required to submit a final report within 1-2 months of the grant period end date which must include data/metrics addressing whether or not the program goals were met. This reporting should be sufficient to determine the benefits derived from the funding
  • Award cycle timeline: April 2021 award notifications for July 2021 project start

Additional Guidelines for FY20-21 Application Cycle: addressing COVID-coexistence, submissions should specifically articulate how the project is meaningful and how the goals are relevant and achievable in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, including any existing or increased shelter-in-place guidelines, need for remote work, and social distancing.

    Requests submitted within this category are evaluated based on MZHF’s general priorities (as modified for this funding category):

  • Explicitly benefits underserved communities.
  • Based at UCSF Mount Zion and/or benefits cancer patients at MZ Campus.
  • Embodies one or more of MZHF’s core Jewish values.
  • Addresses a compelling UCSF Mount Zion cancer research priority.
  • Potential impact of the project is significant.
  • Team can successfully complete the project on time/budget.
  • Applicant can articulate plan for financial sustainability of project beyond the grant period.

The next submission deadline for Mount Zion Campus Cancer Research Awards is January 15, 2021.

An overview of the application form content is here. To submit an application for a Mount Zion Campus Cancer Research Award grant please open a new account or access an existing account here.

For further information please contact: Karen Staller, MZHF Staff Director.