Trust and Special Funds

Trust & Special Funds Art for Recovery programThe following list of Trust and Special Funds represent gifts that have been made by patients, family members and loved ones, physicians, and others appreciative of the care and services provided by UCSF Mount Zion. Many of these Funds date back decades, and allocate resources according to established mandates; others have guidelines that allow the MZHF Board of Directors discretion in how they are disbursed.

Together these Funds comprise an endowment that has far-reaching benefits for the health of the San Francisco community and beyond.

The MZHF Board of Directors acknowledges and thanks the individuals and families who have contributed so generously to improve the health of the community by establishing the following funds, as well as many who established funds that have since been spent for their designated purposes or merged for purposes of grantmaking efficiency into other funds. MZHF is honored to play a role in allocating these important resources in accordance with donors’ wishes.

    Patient Care Funds
  • Alexander and Szigfried Lindenbaum Heart Fund
  • Alice and Sidney Schwartz Patient Fund
  • Berthold and Belle Guggenhime Fund
  • Blanche B. Goldman Newborn Prenatal Care Fund
  • Cardiovascular Patient and Family Care Fund
  • Clinic Fund
  • Edgar M. Kahn Memorial Fund
  • Gustav and Rose Schmelzer Outpatient Clinic Fund
  • Harriet Ornstein Memorial Fund
  • Harry and Betty Curzon Endowment Fund
  • Irene B. Dernham Fund
  • Julian Meyer Cardiovascular Fund
  • Rhoda Goldman Cancer Care Fund
    Education Funds
  • Alice and Samuel Lilienthal Memorial Fund
  • Blumberg Loan Fund
  • Dr. Julius Rosenstirn Scholarship Fund
  • Jacob Smith Surgical Lab Fund
  • Louis and Amelia Bloch Memorial Fund
  • Mabel E. Brush Endowment Fund
  • Milton Meyer Teaching Fund
  • Patricia Brown Memorial Fund
  • Rhoda and Richard Goldman Fund
  • Schwartz Education and Travel Fund
    Research Funds
  • Frederick J. Hellman Fund
  • General Research Fund
  • Gilda H. and Irving L. Mayer Fund
  • Harold Brunn Institute Endowment Fund
  • Herbert L. Cook Memorial Fund
  • Janet S. Landfear Memorial Fund
  • Loraine M. Newman Research Fund
  • Pearl B. Jacobs Trust Fund
  • Rhoda Goldman Cancer Research Fund
    Advised and Discretionary Funds
  • Dr. Harris M. Fishbon Fund
  • Kerner Cancer Research and Education Fund
  • Mae Swig Memorial Fund
  • MZHF Unrestricted Fund