Board of Directors


I.W. Hellman, historic benefactor

MZHF’s Board is comprised of directors representing the Jewish Community Federation, UCSF Mount Zion Campus and the community at large. The Board meets quarterly and grant proposals in each funding category are reviewed annually.

  • Jay Luxenberg, MD, President
  • Lynn Bunim, Vice President
  • Ted Storey, Secretary
  • Sue Reinhold, PhD, Treasurer
  • Shelley Adler, PhD
  • Lee Atkinson-McEvoy, MD
  • Amy Berler
  • Meryl Brod, PhD
  • Mary De May, MD
  • Steven Dinkelspiel
  • Cathy Dobbs Goldstein
  • Karen Aidem Maring
  • Andrew Murr, MD
  • Michael Rabow, MD
  • Susan Rothenberg
  • Susan Rushakoff
  • Jacqueline Shelton-Miller
  • Rabbi Howard Steiermann
  • Bruce Wintroub, MD