Mount Zion Campus-based Awards

Mount Zion Campus-based Awards are allocated from philanthropic funds restricted to specific uses at UCSF Mount Zion in the areas of patient care and medical education/training (research and educational travel funds have separate allocation processes). MZHF’s goal for utilizing these funds is to encourage UCSF Mount Zion Campus programs to identify and address unmet needs, and achieve local and national excellence. Funds requested through this award cycle can be used for core support or start-up, and proposals must describe the program or activity’s value to the UCSF Mount Zion Campus.

    Requests submitted to MZHF within this category are evaluated based on the following priorities:

  • Explicitly benefits underserved communities.
  • Based at or in partnership with the UCSF Mount Zion Campus, or shares Jewish roots.
  • Embodies one or more of MZHF’s core Jewish values.
  • Addresses a compelling San Francisco or UCSF Mount Zion health priority.
  • Potential impact of the project is significant.
  • Team can successfully complete the project on time/budget.
  • Applicant can articulate plan for financial sustainability of project beyond the grant period.

  • Eligible projects should be designed to provide, or specifically to enhance, direct patient care or medical education/training services at UCSF Mount Zion [Note: MZHF research funds are not allocated through this award cycle]
  • The grant range is $5,000 – $40,000; a detailed budget with justification is required
  • This is an annual funding cycle, with projects funded for a one-year period
  • Award notification is in early April, with funds available for projects beginning April 1 or later
  • To receive funding, the proposal must include a plan for evaluation with measures of both quantitative and qualitative outcomes
  • The review process is competitive – not all requests will be funded
  • Awardees are required to submit a final report within 1-2 months of the grant period end date which must include data/metrics addressing whether or not the project goals were met. This reporting should be sufficient to determine the benefits derived from the funding (e.g., patient satisfaction survey results; data on numbers of patients served). Itemized expenses of up to $500 may be included in the proposal budget to cover materials for evaluation.

Guidelines update as of 2020 application cycle: with the transition to COVID-coexistence models of care, the application now requires that submissions specifically articulate how the project is meaningful and how the goals are relevant and achievable in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, including any existing or increased shelter-in-place guidelines, need for remote work, and social distancing.

For further information please contact: Karen Staller, MZHF Staff Director.

The next submission deadline for Mount Zion Campus-based Awards is December 9, 2021.

An overview of the application form content is here.

To apply for a new or renewal Mount Zion Campus-based Award grant please open a new account or access an existing account to: submit a new request or submit a renewal request.

Other Restricted Funding (NOT applied for through the above process)

  • Educational travel. MZHF awards small block grants annually to Mount Zion Campus-based divisions/departments; Mount Zion Campus-based faculty, staff and trainees should contact their division/department leader for information about funding after reviewing the guidelines here.
  • Research. The majority of MZHF funds restricted for research are competed via the UCSF campus-wide Resource Allocation Program (RAP): and open to all eligible applicants per MZHF’s guidelines and priorities. MZHF also facilitates an annual cancer research awards process supporting projects which are either geographically-based at MZ Campus and conducting research that will contribute to patients with cancer/risk factors for cancer, or based at another UCSF campus and conducting research that will benefit patients with cancer/risk factors for cancer who come to the MZ Campus.
    • For more information about MZHF’s research awards process, contact:
    • MZHF Staff Director – Karen Staller
    • MZHF Board Director, Research Funds Committee Chair – Mike Rabow, MD
  • MZ Campus-Community Partnership Awards. More information about this award category is here.