Grants 2021–2022

In fiscal year 2021-2022, MZHF awarded new grants totaling approximately $2,345,000. Of this total, $895,000 was allocated from unrestricted funds, $750,000 was allocated from patient care and education funds, and $700,000 was allocated from research funds. The following grants listing summary includes a selection of awards approved by Mount Zion Health Fund’s Board of Directors during fiscal year 2021-2022.

Jewish Legacy Awards

Institute on Aging

Companioa – promoting a coordinated system of services and supports that takes an innovative and practical approach to support caregivers and those living with dementia in San Francisco with the aim to decrease caregiver stress, improve quality of life, and reduce unnecessary health care expenditures

Bay Area Jewish Healing Center

Kol Haneshama and Imadi: Death-bed Vigiling – to continue this hospice volunteer training and service, including bedside end-of-life vigiling for San Francisco Campus for Jewish Living clients

Jewish Home & Senior Living Foundation

Acute Geriatric Psychiatric Hospital – core support for programming which aims to reduce acute psychiatric symptoms and behaviors of patients, enabling them to return to their baseline functionality, discharge safely, and access and receive appropriate services within the community

Shalom Bayit

San Francisco Healthy Jewish Families Project – to reduce and prevent domestic violence in Jewish homes, improve community response, increase provider competence, and ensure appropriate intervention for those affected

Jewish Vocational Service

JVS’ Medical Administrative Training Program – to train a new cohort of job-seekers to prepare to be Medical Administrative Assistants at UCSF, and to support the prior year’s cohort of job-seekers, increasing both the capacity and cultural competency of UCSF’s frontline, patient-facing workforce.

Community + UCSF Mount Zion Awards

UCSF Division of General Internal Medicine in partnership with The Arc & Golden Gate Regional Center

Improving Access and Equity in Primary Care Services for Adults with Disabilities

UCSF Division of General Internal Medicine in partnership with San Francisco-Marin Food Bank

DGIM+Pediatric Food Pharmacy with Culinary Medicine

UCSF Geriatrics-Orthopedic Surgery in partnership with San Francisco Campus of Jewish Living

Optimizing Post-Acute Care Transitions between UCSF MZ Geriatrics-Orthopedic Comanagement Service and SFCJL

UCSF Mount Zion Department of Surgery

Improving Understanding and Shared Decision-Making for Patients Seeking Gender-Affirming Surgery

UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Health in partnership with Shanti Project

Sharing Humanity through Arts, Reflection, and Expression (SHARE)

UCSF Mount Zion Campus-based Awards

UCSF Mount Zion Anesthesia

Assessment of Pain Management Following Foot and Ankle Surgery

Translating Anesthetic Care Throughout (TACT)

UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center

Art for Recovery (FY22-23)

Cancer Supportive Service (FY22-23)

UCSF Division of General Internal Medicine

PsychSnaps: A GME & CME Curriculum to Improve Outpatient Mental Health Care

Navigate to Patient-Directed Success: Addiction Medicine Service (AMS) support project

Lower the Flag: An Investigation into Behavioral Alerts in the Electronic Health Record

UCSF Mount Zion Hospital

UCSF Mount Zion Hospital Mock Code Program

Mount Zion Nursing Wellness Program

Interactive Patient Experience at Mount Zion Campus

UCSF Mount Zion Orthopedic Surgery

The Environmental Impact of Same Day vs. Short Stay Total Shoulder Arthroplasty

UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Health

Community Care Fund (FY22-23)

UCSF Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery

Hearing Screening and Testing for Parents of Children with Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Long-term Swallowing Function Surveillance in Patients with Head and Neck Cancer

Facial Reconstructive Surgery Enhanced Patient Education and Community Support

UCSF Mount Zion Pediatrics

Physician-Led Coaching for the Prevention and Treatment of Burnout

UCSF Mount Zion Radiation Oncology

Environmental Impacts of Prostate Cancer Care: A Life Cycle Assessment of Prostate Radiotherapy Treatments

UCSF Mount Zion Surgery

Implementation of a Patient Navigator to Reduce Inequities in Perioperative Advanced Care Planning

Surgery Education for the 21st Century – Where Deliberate Practice and Cognitive Load Theory Meet to Build Skills

UCSF National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health

Black Reproductive Health Clinic

UCSF Mount Zion Campus-based – other grants

Block Grant for General Pilot Research – FY22-23 (to support multiple awards allocated through UCSF RAP)

Block Grant for Cancer Pilot Research – FY22-23 (to support multiple awards allocated through UCSF RAP)

UCSF Mount Zion-based Watson Scholars Award (FY22-23 spring cycle)

UCSF Mount Zion-based Perstein Award (FY22-23 spring cycle)

Professional Education Courses and Conferences (to support multiple division/department awards)

UCSF Mount Zion Resident Awards for Excellence & UCSF Mount Zion Nursing Awards for Excellence