Grants 2007-2008

In fiscal year 2007-2008, MZHF awarded grants totaling approximately $2,987,000. Of this total, approximately $939,000 came from unrestricted funds, $837,000 came from research funds, $275,000 came from patient care funds, $74,000 came from education funds, and $862,000 came from advised funds. The following grants listing summary includes a selection of awards approved by the Directors of Mount Zion Health Fund during fiscal year 2007-08 from Board discretionary funds.

Access Institute for Psychological Services
Second year of support to provide on-site mental health services for low-income children and families at a San Francisco public elementary school and explore adding an additional site.

The Arc of San Francisco
Support for a collaborative one-year planning process leading into a multi-year pilot project designed to improve access to adult health care for people with disabilities in San Francisco.

Bay Area Community Resources
“Let’s Be Healthy!” initiative to change norms about healthy living and improve chronic health conditions self-management among the Russian-speaking newcomer population in San Francisco (matches funds from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Local Initiative Funding Partners award).

Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic
To provide complementary alternative medicine and social services to low-income women with cancer in San Francisco.
$120,000 (over three years)

Support for Saturday Art with Elders at Laguna Honda Hospital, providing culturally-sensitive programming for African American patients and Cantonese-speaking patients to improve care and build community.

Homeless Prenatal Program
Continued funding for New Beginnings, to provide services and support to homeless pregnant women with substance abuse issues.

Hospice by the Bay
To establish the Dr. Robert T. Mendle Nursing Education Fund to train qualified nurses as end-of-life care and pediatric hospice care trainers, who in turn can train other staff.

Institute on Aging
For the Bay Area Jewish Healing Center’s programs providing Jewish spiritual support.

Jewish Community Federation
For the Technical Assistance Reserve Fund

Jewish Vocational Service
Healthcare Career Ladders Program to provide specialized training for low-income individuals in partnership with the Jewish Home and UCSF Medical Center.
$225,000 (over three years)

Latina Breast Cancer Agency
Continued support for a breast cancer outreach and screening project serving low-income women in collaboration with San Francisco General Hospital’s mammovan program.

Operation Access
Provide low-income, uninsured adults with donated outpatient surgeries and procedures in San Francisco.

San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center
For the Counseling Program’s consulting psychiatrist to provide evaluations for at-risk children; and training, education and case consultation to the clinical staff and interns.

San Francisco General Hospital Foundation
Cancer Awareness, Resources and Education (CARE) program to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate cancer education and psychosocial support to low-income monolingual Cantonese and Spanish speakers.
$75,000 (over three years)

San Francisco State University Cesar E. Chavez Institute
Family Acceptance Project to develop culturally appropriate family interventions to decrease family rejection and increase support for LGBT children and adolescents (matches funds from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Local Initiative Funding Partners award).
$90,000 (over three years)

Shalom Bayit
Continued support for San Francisco Healthy Jewish Families Project providing direct care and counseling, outreach and education to address domestic violence in the Jewish community.

Tenderloin Health
Health-related care and support services to homeless and low-income adults in San Francisco.

Women’s Community Clinic
Support for the Western Addition Health Training Program (WAHT!) providing health careers training for young African American women and community health outreach in San Francisco’s Western Addition neighborhood.

UCSF Mount Zion Awards
UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center
Mount Zion Heath Fund Scholars Program for recruitment of promising clinical/translational investigators.
$400,000 (over two years)

Clinical Investigator Research Program awards.
$240,000 (over two years)

Art for Recovery for Firefly Project and part-time facilitator.

Hereditary Gynecologic Cancer Risk Clinic start-up funds.

Gynecologic Oncology Clinical Trials start-up funds.

Cancer Resource Center for children’s support program and peer support training.

UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine
Pilot research – an integrated diet/exercise and stress-reduction meditation intervention for obesity with metabolic syndrome features

Pilot research – an intervention for those recently informed of their seropositive status

Pilot research – the effects of pranayama on fatigue among patients in chemotherapy

Mini Medical School for the Community

Mount Zion Wellness Initiative in Health Education

Prepare for Surgery Classes

Laughter Classes to promote patient and staff health

UCSF National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health
Women’s HIV Program at Mount Zion

Health and Leadership Program for Youth

Cultural Competency Training Project

Integrative Chronic Pelvic Pain Program

Centering Pregnancy Training Project

Glass to Diamonds Theatre Health Education Project

UCSF Mount Zion – other grants
Patient care study to improve safety and acceptability of intravenous tubing method in operative and critical care anesthesia practice.

Pediatric Integrative Pain Clinic at Mount Zion start-up funds.

Childhood Cancer Survivors Program to improve survivors’ knowledge of diagnosis, treatment, risks and recommended follow-up.

Mount Zion Headache Center and Headache School start-up funds.

Patient care study to improve quality of life among infertile men.

Youth in the House to plan and develop a health careers outreach program (cancer research focused) targeting high school youth from underserved San Francisco communities.

Asian Heart and Vascular Center for inaugural symposium.

Surgical Anatomy Curriculum for Obstetric and Gynecology Residents.

Chaplaincy Services to enhance patient care and support during the holidays.