Grants 2000-2001

In fiscal year 2000-2001, MZHF distributed grants totaling approximately $5.2 million. Of this total, $3.8 million came from advised funds, $242,000 from research funds, $851,000 from patient care funds, $180,000 from unrestricted funds, and $88,000 from education funds. The Summary of Grants below includes awards approved by the Directors of Mount Zion Health Fund during fiscal year 2000-2001 from Board discretionary and other funds, as well as selected significant awards from donor-advised funds.

UCSF Mount Zion
For improvements and amenities in the UCSF Mount Zion lobby

UCSF Mount Zion
For development of the Cardiomyopathy and Arrythmia Research and Education Center

UCSF Mount Zion Cancer Center
To help bring state-of the-art mammography technology to low income communities

International Institute
To sustain health screenings and education for refugees at San Francisco General Hospital

UCSF Mount Zion Cancer Center
For purchase of equipment to aid in breast cancer diagnosis

Jewish Home
To hire Russian-speaking professional and support staff

UCSF Hernia Center
To provide nursing support for the program

To support the activities of the adult day health program for persons living with HIV/AIDS

UCSF Melanoma Center
To support a clinical research nurse

Jewish Community Library
To assist with the Roving Readers program

To endow the Harris M. Fishbon Chair in Ambulatory Surgery

Jewish Vocational Service
To support Licensed Vocational Nurse training for émigrés

To continue work force reentry services for individuals living with HIV/AIDS

Jewish Community Federation/Émigré Leadership Institute
To undertake educational and screening campaigns for Tay-Sachs disease

UCSF Mount Zion
To underwrite the Tobacco Education Center

San Francisco Study Center
For a media campaign to increase awareness of Hepatitis A and B in the Gay/Bisexual Community

Mothers Living Stories Project
To facilitate written documentation of programs focused on mothers facing life-threatening illnesses

San Francisco Education Fund
For the Peer Resources’ Youth to Youth Health Education Project

UCSF Mount Zion Breast Care Center
To develop communication protocols between cancer patients and physicians

To establish four clinical research fellowships in areas of women’s health

To undertake research projects in women’s health

San Francisco Adult Day Services Network
Continued support for outcomes research in the adult day health community

UCSF Cancer Center
For research staff to undertake a multicenter melanoma study

Goldman Institute on Aging
To support the development of a new facility

Rhoda Goldman Plaza
To lease a van to provide transportation for Plaza residents