MZHF Research Funds Survey

Thank you for taking a few minutes to share your Mount Zion Campus research-related priorities with MZHF’s Research Funds Committee. This feedback will be considered in guiding MZHF’s awarding of its research-designated funds at UCSF Mount Zion.

Please rank these five areas (or six if you choose to describe another area) in order of priority for where Mount Zion Health Fund should contribute funds (designated for use at Mount Zion Campus), with “1” being your top priority, and using each number only once

UCSF RAP Pilot Research

This is the grant mechanism currently in use by MZHF for awarding MZHF research funds (pilot research projects of up to $50k); all others below are new considerations

UCSF Watson Scholars

3-year awards of up to $75,000/per year awarded by the UCSF Dean’s Office to assist with recruitment and retention of faculty who share commitments to diversity and service to underserved or vulnerable populations

UCSF Perstein Awards

1-year award of $80,000 awarded by UCSF SOM to an outstanding, newly recruited, junior woman scientist

UCSF Osher Center’s Integrative Health Equity and Applied (IHEAR) Training Program

training program for an interprofessional cohort of predoctoral health professions students with the goal of building the capacity and diversity of the integrative medicine research workforce to advance health equity

UCSF Cancer/ImmunoX

integrate MZ cancer research community with and enhance UCSF Bakar ImmunoX, through creating pre-clinical co-labs, facilitating DEI and women in science at MZ

Other* (Optional)

MZHF-specific RFP for research by UCSF Mount Zion faculty and/or research benefiting the MZ community in some way

(Description required only if you rank Other above)