Mount Zion Campus–Community Partnership Awards

The Mount Zion Campus-Community Partnership Awards seek to foster collaboration and encourage innovation in community-based health initiatives. This funding category supports projects designed in partnership between a UCSF Mount Zion Campus-based program and a San Francisco community-based program, which identify and address unmet health-related needs in San Francisco. Projects may be direct service or education-related, and both existing and new partnerships are eligible to apply.

    Requests submitted to MZHF within this category are evaluated based on the following priorities:

  • Explicitly benefits underserved communities.
  • Based at or in partnership with the UCSF Mount Zion Campus, or shares Jewish roots.
  • Embodies one or more of MZHF’s core Jewish values.
  • Addresses a compelling San Francisco or UCSF Mount Zion health priority.
  • Potential impact of the project is significant.
  • Team can successfully complete the project on time/budget.
  • Applicant can articulate plan for financial sustainability of project beyond the grant period.
    Additional areas of priority:

  • Projects initiated by or linked to significant Campus-housed programs within: Cancer Care, Women’s Health, Integrative Medicine, Pediatric Health, Geriatrics, & Adult Primary Care
  • Projects which enable students or other trainees to participate in community-based health-related projects
  • Preference given to projects in their early years of development
  • Projects with potential for sustainability beyond the grant period
    Please note:

  • This is an annual funding cycle, with projects funded for a one-year period
  • Previous awardees/partnerships may apply for one additional year of funding; renewed funding is not guaranteed
  • To receive funding, a proposal must include a plan for evaluation with quantitative as well as qualitative outcomes measures
  • The grant range is $25,000 – $75,000. Smaller planning grants for partnership development or pilot projects will also be considered
  • The proposed budget must delineate the amount/s to be paid to each partnering entity (with justification)
  • The review process is competitive – not all requests will be funded
  • Awardees are required to submit a final report within 1-2 months of the grant period end date which must include data/metrics addressing whether or not the project goals were met. This reporting should be sufficient to determine the benefits derived from the funding (e.g., client satisfaction survey results; data on numbers of clients served).

Guidelines update as of 2020 application cycle: all eligible community-based organizations, in partnership with a Mount Zion Campus-based division or department, may submit up to two programmatic proposals per annual funding cycle to MZHF’s MZ Campus-Community Partnerships funding category, provided the proposals are from different project leaders and for different projects. Note: while all applications are evaluated on their individual merits, the board’s intention to distribute its limited funds across a variety of programs and agencies means that a community organization may have a greater challenge obtaining an approval of a second proposal if there are proposals from other organizations of comparable merit.

The next submission deadline for MZ Campus-Community Partnership Awards is September 10, 2020.

An overview of the application form content is here.

To apply for a Mount Zion Campus-Community Partnership Award grant please open an online account for a new request here or submit a renewal request here.

MZHF will not consider grants for the personal benefit of individuals, for endowments, annual appeals, membership drives, or fundraising events, or for the reduction of operating deficits. The above guidelines apply to the general and specific funds that grant discretion to MZHF’s Board of Directors. Additional limitations and guidelines govern expenditures from restricted and advised funds. Capital requests and non-UCSF Mount Zion-related research requests are discouraged.