Proposal Guidelines

For reference, the following information is requested in the online proposal submission process:

  • Organization name, program name for which funding is being requested
  • Amount requested, dates of proposed grant period (typically one year)
  • Contact name, title, mailing address, phone and email
  • Executive summary (not to exceed this page, including brief organization overview)
  • Describe the specific health challenge/s the proposed program addresses (include target population/s and estimated number/s to be served)
  • Explain program goals, actions to be taken to achieve goals, timetable/duration of the program, how success will be measured
  • Describe partnerships/collaborations, if any (required for Mount Zion Campus-Community Partnership proposals)
  • Address plan for financial sustainability beyond the proposed grant period

The following attachments are requested:

  • Total program budget, including line item breakdown of revenue and expenses for the proposed grant period and staff FTE commitments (please specifically note the portion of the budget for which assistance is requested from MZHF)
  • Current year agency budget, including line item breakdown of revenue and expenses and staff FTE commitments (please specify budget dates; fiscal or calendar year)
  • List of committed, pending and proposed funders for the proposed program specifically, and for the overall agency, including specific dollar amounts
  • IRS determination verifying 501(c)(3) status (ONLY if a new application to MZHF)
  • List of Board of Directors

For questions, please contact:

Karen Staller
Mount Zion Health Fund
121 Steuart Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
Telephone: 415.512.6264
Facsimile: 415.495.6635