Grant Application Process

Mount Zion Health Fund reflects the Jewish values and legacy of Mount Zion Hospital by supporting programs and research that improve the physical, emotional and spiritual health of vulnerable populations in San Francisco.

Mount Zion Health Fund accepts proposals from organizations classified by the IRS as 501(c)(3) tax-exempt. Projects or programs that are not under the auspices of a 501(c)(3) organization must identify a fiscal agent to receive funds. The MZHF Board will consider all requests that fall within MZHF’s funding priorities and meet its guidelines.

Requests submitted to MZHF are evaluated based on the following priorities:

  • Explicitly benefits underserved communities.
  • Based at or in partnership with the UCSF Mount Zion Campus, or shares Jewish roots.
  • Embodies one or more of MZHF’s core Jewish values.
  • Addresses a compelling San Francisco or UCSF Mount Zion health priority.
  • Potential impact of the project is significant.
  • Team can successfully complete the project on time/budget.
  • Applicant can articulate plan for financial sustainability of project beyond the grant period.


Jewish Legacy Awards

(Guidelines, Application Overview, Application Link)
In acknowledgement of the history and legacy of Mount Zion Hospital, MZHF’s Jewish Legacy grants support San Francisco community-based agencies which share Jewish roots and facilitate the provision of health-related services to meet the needs of underserved populations in San Francisco.
The next submission deadline for Jewish Legacy Awards is TBD.

Community + UCSF Mount Zion Awards

Application information and proposal submission is through UCSF Open Proposals
Community + UCSF Mount Zion Awards address unmet health-related needs in San Francisco by supporting projects that originate at, connect with, or relate to UCSF Mount Zion Campus. There are two types of award mechanisms: (1) one-year grants of up to $75,000 for proof-of-concept projects for MZ Campus-based healthcare-related work in the community. These proof-of-concept projects do not require a community partner; but the intent is to support work that will build toward meaningful engagement with community partners; (2) single or multi-year grants of up to $150,000 per year (maximum of three years) for collaborative projects between Mount Zion Campus-based health professionals and one or more community partners.

FY24-25 submission and deadline information: Proposal Concept Submission (Phase 1) – TBD; Optimization/Full Proposal Submission (Phase 2) – TBD – by invitation

For additional information: Community + UCSF Mount Zion Awards or UCSF Open Proposals.

UCSF Mount Zion Campus-based Awards

(Guidelines, Application Overview; see Guidelines page for application links)
Awards are allocated from funds restricted to specific uses at UCSF Mount Zion mainly for patient care, and some limited funds for medical education (research and educational travel funds have separate allocation processes). MZHF’s goal for utilizing these funds is to encourage UCSF Mount Zion Campus programs to identify and address unmet needs, and are for core support or start-up. Requests must describe the project’s value to the UCSF Mount Zion Campus.
The next submission deadline for MZ Campus-based Awards is TBD.

MZHF awards small Educational Travel block grants annually to UCSF Mount Zion Campus-based departments/divisions; Mount Zion Campus-based faculty, staff and trainees should contact their department/division leader for information about funding after reviewing the Educational Travel Awards guidelines here. MZHF’s MZ Campus-based research funding is facilitated through UCSF RAP and through UCSF Watson Scholars and UCSF Perstein Award. For questions, please contact MZHF Staff Director.

GENERAL NOTE: All proposals are required to be submitted online. MZHF will contact grant applicants during the review cycle if additional information is needed. Grantees are required to submit a brief report at the end of their grant period. Click here for an overview of the grant reporting form.

MZHF does not make grants for the following:

  • Grants for the personal benefit of individuals
  • Endowments, annual appeals, membership drives, and fundraising events
  • Reduction of operating deficits